Actor Services

Demo Tape Editing

We will use your original tapes (from VHS, S-VHS or Mini-DV) to edit your best work into a concise, strong demo tape. If your originals are low quality, we can enhance the picture by boosting the resolution, correcting colors, or brightening the image - whatever is necessary. Your final copy includes titles, contact information, and background music (if requested) on your choice of VHS or S-VHS tape.

The time required depends upon the complexity of your editing needs. Obviously, editing a demo tape takes less time than editing a full scene with multiple camera angles. We will do our best to give you a realistic estimate of the editing time required before we begin the job. You may also choose to supply us with a blank tape for your master copy, or purchase a professional quality blank tape directly from us.

$50/hour - non-linear digital editing (on Final Cut Pro 3)
(one complimentary duplicate copy included for each hour of editing time)
(10% union discount for members of SAG, AFTRA or AEA)
(additional discounts available for large blocks of editing time)
$5 - duplicate demo tapes (includes labels and window sleeves)
$25/S-VHS master tape
$35/Mini-DV master tape

Scene Filming

We will professionally film your scene using master shots, over the shoulder shots, reaction shots, etc. You can then choose to edit the tape yourself, or we will be happy to edit for you on our Final Cut Pro 2 system at the above hourly rate. You are responsible for the location of the shooting - a studio, your home, or an outdoor location. Any costs for the rental of a shooting location, or for any required permits, will be your responsibility. We can, however, provide you with helpful information in securing locations.

Our Scene Filming package includes:

  • JVC DV500 digital video camera (three 1/2" CCD camera)
  • Cinematographer/camera operator
  • Bogen Manfrotto fluid head tripod
  • Shotgun microphone with 12-foot boom
  • One wireless lavelier microphone
  • Color LCD monitor
  • 2000-watt lighting system
  • Diffusion, color-correcting and ND gels
  • Minolta light meter
Scene Filming Rates
$50/hour - filming time (2 hour minimum)
$450/day - 12-hour day
$850 - 2 days, 12 hours per day
$1200 - 3 days, 12 hours per day
$1500 - 4 days, 12 hours per day
$1750/week - 5 days, 12 hours per day
$350 per day for multiple days above 5 days
$75/hour - each additional hour over 12 hours each day
(10% union discount for members of SAG, AFTRA, AEA, DGA or WGA)
(50% deposit required to secure dates)
(All filming prices include one digital master tape per day.
Additional master tapes and crew may be ordered at the rates below.)
$10/tape - one-hour professional master quality blank DV tape
$10/hour per person - additional crew (PA, Grip, etc.)
Editing Rates
$50/hour - non-linear digital editing (on Final Cut Pro 3)
$450 for 10 hours paid for in advance
$800 for 20 hours paid for in advance
$1050 for 30 hours paid for in advance
$1200 for 40 hours paid for in advance
$30 per hour for blocks of time above 40 hours
(10% union discount for members of SAG, AFTRA, AEA, DGA, WGA)
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